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When you are in a large company where there are a lot of employee that you need to manage than office move is the job of its own and hold its own importance. Here we are going to discuss some steps that can help in making smooth office move with preplanning management.

Following are the steps that can help to make office move easier;

  1. Make a timeline and checklist

First start to organize your thoughts on what needs more attention and what are the issues that need to solve in priority. Note them all in some excel sheet or the word doc. Start by priority giving to those task that need to get settle down first and right away and then list them according the tasks that can wait accordingly. Every task or item have the deadline attached to it like time and date for its completion so you can watch your self accountable that what task need to complete first. Sometimes its easy to work facing backward. The timeline that you design should be according to your employee timeline so they can get prepare for their move. When you need to get things to get done, mention your move-out date if there is one that present. But in case if there is no specific date. Then analyze yourself that which task need to get complete first and do that accordingly.

  1. Use United Moving Professionals to find a moving company:

After the completion of checklist, look for the officer mover company that is meeting your requirement. Right down size of the company and number of workers. Company should be enough of the size to cover all of its things and belongings. First do research about the choice of company and make sure if it will be available near your old office. This make everyone easy to travel along. While making contract with the moving company, make sure that how many move they had made in past, how many workers need you to make this decision, the cost and especially the timeline. Make sure that the company that you are going to contract with has their full times employee and should not involve one off the contractor. Your schedule should be according to their schedule and there should be a match. Also deal with the moving company that how much time they will take to transfer your belongings and what if they will offer packers. Once after getting information about all those things, make a perfect decision to get benefits for the future along with scheduling workers.

  1. Go for hiring professional packers for office move

Now its time to start looking for the office packers after the selection of the company. If the moving company is already offering something like that then go for the next step. First ask yourself if you need the packers than go for calling the packing companies. Look for things that you require and will need to move with you. Will you be needing ilf or new furniture with you while moving? Are you taking all of the belonging long with you? It is very important for the business to make you office ready in a vey little time span and then hire some one to do all the big lifting for your company. In this way office will be ready in little time and customer will not need to wait and face any issue. There is no need to pack in advance and then being getting un problem by not finding what you need.

  1. Create your new office layout

When you are thinking about the new office that you are going to move in. think that whether you need a new design for the office layout. There should be a perfect plan before for that if you are going to change the position of the desk and chair and change the area where employee is going to sit on. It should not be good idea to just show up in the office without knowing that what thing you will pout where. Create a blue print for office layout. Or draw where you need the chair and desk and what is the aim that you want office to hold. Whether you wanted give some space t the worker to easily roam around or you need a conference room kind of design in your office. Before moving you should decide before head that what you need in your new area. It is very important to discuss this with moving or packing team and also with the employees of your office so everyone can find the ease and will know where to sit and they will know before head that where they need to put everything before the big day.

  1. Organize your move

Now its time to think about how you need to box up your own belongings in your drawer after finding out the professional packing team. The best idea is to box up your belongings and then label it with some label marker. And ask all of your workers to box up everything in their drawer or their personal belongings and mark them with marker. Box up the personal belonging forms the conference room like picture or some notes and label them as conference room. So, this will help the mover to put things where they need to be after moving.

Making seating charts for the office move is one of the good ideas. Putting label on the table of the new office and conference rooms in this way employee will know where he or she is going to sit or move. Like if there is an employee with the name Tyler, you can put his name on his desk as well as on the box that he packed or belong to his personal things. In this way when the mover come in the office, it is easy to set Tyler belongings to his desk so that he can find everything in place and will not lose anything.

  1. Communication plan set up

Communication is the key to develop healthy relationships. Make sure that you are having your communication with your employee and customers. If the office you are moving and you are a retailer then you have to make sure that your customer know where your new office will be located months before the moving process, in this way you will not lose your regular customer. Keep posting on social media about your activities so that your customer will be in touch and also keep updating Google listing so that people can find you on Google Map too. If the old location is still on the map, people will end up moving to old office every time and this can make them frustrated if the new office is far away. This can cause loss in the business.

There is another thing that is important and that is internal communication. Every employee should be aware of what step you will take so that employee can also pass the information to the customer and let them know about the moving plans and the new location information. If the clients are remote, pass them an email that it might possible that you will respond slow because of the moving process. One there is a plan set. There is the need to put everyone from external and internal side to be on a page in order to ensure that plan is going to meet needs of everyone. Like making sure the employee will pack things in time.

  1. Personal meeting with vendors

After communicating on phone or email, now its time to meet the vendor in person in order to get rid of the constant email communication. It will help in building trust and strong relationship. It is important to build trust with someone who is going to handle your belongings. So, there will be no pressure and tension because they will be doing good job. Make personal contact with vendors, call them in your office and show them what you actually need to move so they can predict that how much time all that pacing and moving process will take. This way you can get rid of those bundles of questions in emailing because everything will get clear after the meeting.

  1. Assign tasks

For taking everyone on the same page, write check to the packing team and employee before the office move. With every meeting or talking on the phone, there should be a written document of the communication with whether external or internal team and this is very crucial thing to do. This will help in solving the complication on time and also help I removing all the confusion and misunderstanding if there is any. Assign task on check list to the employee or the team. So, everyone will know what to do and they will be available on time to make sure that there is smooth movement of the office as they had planned before.

  1. Executing the office move

Before taking the last step of moving, prepare a face to face meeting with all of your employee. Communicating on email can sometimes create misunderstanding. Establishing an in-person meeting with everyone is very important to clear confusions and questions of the employee. Plan a meeting some days before the big move. Make sure that employee had labeled the boxes. Look for the blueprint, if it matches your design if the office. Review the plan with all members. Make sure the furniture is sufficient and match with the blueprint. Ask your employee if everything is done and discussed. It is better to have more eyes on the move. If there is still any question for employee side prioritized to make them clear. Because you will never want anything going out of track at this important point of growing the business. There should also be final clean up, so you can save time of patching up or doing wall paint or vacuuming the place.

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