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United Moving Professionals Moving Cost Calculator Can Help You With Your Move

United Moving Professionals recognizes there are a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to making any type of move.  United Moving Professionals also understands that your worries center around the move being effectively efficient, simple and cost friendly.  To make the move friendly for our clients, we have created some tools that will help.  The United Moving Professionals moving cost calculator is designed to help you determine the components that go into figuring out your moving cost.  It is designed to help you decide what is affordable, simple and fits best in your budget. 

Taking the surprise cost out of moving is key to removing your stress.  Here at United Moving Professionals we want to help remove any surprises and provide you with a smooth, easy to do process from your first moment.  We want to put you at ease even before you start gathering quotes from our website.  

Hiring a Moving Company – Average Cost

The cost of hiring a moving company is going to be varied.  Some of the base cost is figured on where you are currently, what type of move you are doing, and how you want to arrange the move.  The following table will provide you with a preliminary and basic cost estimate.  It is built on the number of bedrooms and mileage that your move will involve.

As indicated, this is a raw estimate and one that does not take into account the other factors that can increase your moving costs.  These additional items include the approximate size of the household and distance you are moving.  Knowing this information will help you determine a more accurate moving cost.  These are all common items every moving company looks at in order to begin evaluating your basic move costs.  Our moving cost calculator is an approximation, meaning we are giving you a very basic and low starting point in order to begin to budget your move.

Some moving companies specialize in different types of moving.  For some it is long-distance moves, some local moves, and others are businesses or industrial type moves.  Some moves require highly specialized equipment and the skilled workers trained in using that specific equipment.  Weeding through the different moving companies and their specializations can be time consuming.  Our United Moving Professionals’ website reflects those companies that specialize in long-distance moves only and their prices will be a reflection of this fact.  

In deciding whether to hire a moving company, one must take into consideration several key items:  it’s not going to be cheap but when one considers the cost of a “do-it-yourself” move as to the mental, physical and emotional toll that a long-distance move takes on a person, it is well worth the cost. Going with a moving company allows you to use your energy and focus in other much needed areas to properly take care of things.  Investing in a moving company is a worthwhile step.

What Factors Impact My Moving Cost?

Cost is mitigated by a number of factors.  Such as, what services you are looking for from your moving company.   It is important for you to understand completely all the moving parts in the process so that you can make a solid and informed decision. The following is a snapshot of items that could be utilized and may affect your total according to the moving cost calculator.

Final Destination

The mileage involved in your long-distance move will be a major factor in your cost.  The greater the distance, the number of items that need to be transported and handled will account for the largest part of the costs.  Oftentimes, our starting point will also come into play with determining costs; i.e. how far we must travel to reach you!  This usually only becomes an issue if you live in a rural or isolated area.  

Moving Date

The costs of moving will vary depending on the time of year you choose to move.  There are time periods that are in high demand such as during the summer or at the beginning/end of a school year or fiscal period.  These high demand times affect the cost increasing it.  Weekend costs are also known as high move times and are usually more costly than a weekday move cost.  In determining the best time to move, using an “off season” or “low demand” time is your best cost saving decision.

What are you Moving?

This will come as no surprise to you but what you move will play a significant factor in your total move cost.  The items you identify as being included in the move will determine the size of the truck needed to make the move, it’s availability and the number of movers you will need.  Also, whether they will need any specialized moving equipment or specialized moving skills.  All of these factors and details will have an impact to the cost of your move. 

Extra Services

You need to decide whether you wish to pack and unpack your items or if you wish to have the movers do this for you.  Will they need to provide packing supplies, or will you?  Are there any other services you would like them to handle?  This goes without saying, but there will be an additional fee associated with any extra services you request unless you arrange pricing ahead of time. It is always best to give the moving company a call before asking the movers to do something special for you; this will protect you and your budget.   

Special Requirements

Will you be moving large or fragile items?  These will require special care and possibly skilled movers and/or special equipment.  “White glove” services include the careful and tedious transportation of pianos or large pieces of heavy and sometimes fragile antique furniture.  All of which require special care and attention to move securely and safely.  These special requirements will increase your cost as they are a premium service. 

Booking Fee

When scheduling your move, most companies will require a booking fee based on a scale of your total cost. Others will require you to spend a set amount on your move. While others will require a small deposit. The deposit may be refunded to you after the move and your bill is settled or they will credit it to your final moving cost.

These are normal expenses that you will need to consider in regard to your moving costs.  When booking your move, be sure to ask questions about fees, other services, and last-minute changes that will affect your overall moving costs. You do not need any surprises!

Cross-Country Move – Average Cost

Planning a cross-country move varies and will depend on the starting and ending location.  For example, if you are moving from one coast to the other, the moving company could charge you between $4500 to $6000 plus. Different from local or intrastate moves, there will be some costs and criteria associated with cross-country moves that you will not be aware until it is too late.  

By now, you should be aware that mileage plays a significant role in costs.  Plus, they will calculate in the wear and tear of the vehicle as well as estimating the amount of gas needed to complete your move.  If it is a multi-day trip requiring overnight and meals, this will also increase your move costs as you will be paying for the hotel rooms of each mover and their meals.  This should be made clear to you prior to signing any contracts.  However, always ask if there are any other charges, they may need to add in that you are not considering.  

As we have mentioned before, the overall weight of your items will play into the overall cost of your move.  What you need to watch out for is their attention to detail.  Some companies will give a brief glimpse at your items and estimate, and then they will give you an estimate on how much they think your items may weigh.  This is how they determine the minimum and maximum costs using those two methods.  

Tractor trailers can be a part of your moving company’s network.  They have these to handle multiple moves at the same time.  Usually freight costs lower your overall cost of your move but there is a trade-off to this method.  You are operating on “their” schedule which translates into your doing without after you move in or having to make an extra trip to your new home before you are actually ready in order to unpack your items.  This is important to keep of in the back of your mind.  

Local Move – Average Cost

Local moves are definitely much more reasonable and less costly. The restrictions of a long-distance move are vastly different for local moves.  For local moves it can take only a few hours rather than days that a long-distant move requires.  You also do not have to pay for the hours spent driving to your new home or the meals or hotel rooms or the added expense of keeping your belongings safe while on the road. For these reasons, moving companies have different methods for determining the cost of your local move by using a moving cost calculator. 

It is likely you will pay by mover by the hour each mover who works on your local move. The going rate per hour for movers range from $20 to $40 per mover.  Plan on local moves to take between 2-3 movers, and 3-5 hours per mover.  The average cost is anywhere from $120 (2 movers at $20 per hour for 3 hours) to $600 (3 movers at $40 per hour for 5 hours).  This is if you are moving across town.  The further away you move, will drive each number higher.

Of course, like the long-distance moves, there are other services you may require which will affect your total move cost.  These include whether the moving company or you pack/unpack your belongings, storage needs you may find necessary, cost of the moving vehicle, gas or mileage and the wear and tear on the vehicle.  As with long-distance movers, local moves also have available the “white glove” costs for moving large fragile antique furniture, fragile items and pianos.  These services may be required to successfully move your items safely and with care. 

All your moving needs, type of move and location can all be estimated by using our moving cost calculator.  You can also always call us; we are more than happy to provide you with a more accurate estimate for what you should budget for and help you walk through the various steps.  Call Now – help us to help you make your move easier, stress free and complete.