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Cross Country Moving

Cross Country moving companies hire long distance movers to handle all moves across the state, one coast to another and anywhere in between as these are classified as long-distance moves. Cross Country movers do not work short distance moves. Long-distance moves, for anyone, are one of many stressful things to do in a lifetime.  Long distance moves take an emotional and mental toll on people and sometimes a physical toll.

Long distance moves can be made less stressful if a professional movers is hired to handle most, if not the entire move task.  The following information here will provide you with a stress-free process and keep you organized throughout the entire move.

The first step is selecting a moving company you wish to work with and who can handle the move the way you want it done. Like anything, you want to do some comparison shopping by focusing on price, services needed and other details. This involves you reaching out to numerous companies and waiting on call backs, talking with a variety of sales agents and repeating your information time and time again.  Just to get a quote makes this a very frustrating and daunting task for even the most organized.

Our website was created to be the number one place for people who are moving to get everything they need – a one-stop-shop deal. To help remove stress, we provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about – your cross country moving.  The knowledge we provide will give you enough power to remove some of the stress and make the process of long-distance moving easier.

We provide information on the following:

Understanding the process of a long distance move

The steps to create an efficient and effective plan for moving

Tips on finding the right and professional moving company, services and prices

Ways to save money on long distance moves

Finding and taking advantage of cost saving methods for long distance moving services and products

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Utilize our highly skilled and experience moving specialists to plan and execute your move.  Their knowledge of the cross country moving process, skills at scheduling and executing a move as well as saving our client’s money is invaluable in your move.

Why Us?

Our staff of long-haul movers understand just how stressful an experience it is moving to a new location, but a long-distance move is even more intense. Partnering with us as your trusted moving expert, we will take the stress and worry out of your move.  We will do the hard, exhausting work for you.  We will transport not only your belongings but in commercial long distance moves we will take care of your employees as well. We remain in constant communication with you throughout the move process.  We also provide you with the correct resources to make your relocation a smooth process.  Unlike most places, we offer you one point of contact during your move process; there is nothing more frustrating than being transferred repeatedly and still not getting answers. Our long-distance moving process is tailored to meet individual client needs as well as the needs of your business and employees.  We carefully assess each factor when estimating the cost; our long-distance move prices are competitively priced and are designed to render high value in return.  Each of our employees are passionate about their job so much so that it is rare that anyone leaves the company.  Our van operators have an average of 15 years tenure with us.

Long distance Moving Estimates

Verbal estimates have no legal bearing anywhere. When comparison shopping with each long-distance moving company, it is best to confirm that you are comparing like services and work – it does not help to compare apples to oranges!  The best long-distance movers are clear and transparent about their costs, services and will provide you with a line-by-line itemization of the quote.  If a mover wants to provide you with a price only, run … do not walk away from them. This is the number one red flag whenever arranging a move.  You can use a long distance moving calculator to closely estimate the cost of your cross country move.

Licenses and Insurance for Cross Country Movers

While this should be common knowledge, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate that moving companies should be able to quickly provide proof and copies of their licensure and insurance immediately.  Anyone who isn’t able to do so is throwing up another red flag.   You can look up their mover’s license on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.  Honestly though, you shouldn’t have to do that research yourself. All moving companies should have their FMCSA license number displayed in plain sight and a full explanation of their insurance coverage options should be available as well.

Fees for Cross Country Movers

Fees are determined by several different factors. Most movers will base their long distance moving invoice on weight rather than volume or time needed to move out of your old location and into your new one.  It is always best, especially if the move is based on weight, to go through your belongings and toss anything you do not wish to move with you.  Why pay for something you will never use again? Get rid of it now and save money.