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How United Moving Professionals Can Help You Find the Best Movers?

Common Myths about Moving Companies. They are NOT as Expensive as You Might Think 

Oftentimes, people worry about the added expensive of using a moving company for local and long distance moves because they assume the cost will be extremely high.  If you take a couple of moments from your schedule, and do some comparison shopping, you will see that the costs are very reasonable. You will be shocked to see what you get for your money.

1: Get a Free Moving Quotes from the Best Companies in Your Area.

2: Compare Movers Based on the Prices, Services, and Reputation.

3: Choose the most effective Moving Companies, and Save Up to 50% on Your Moving Cost.

Simply fill up the form on United Moving Professionals movers network with some information regarding your relocation with our simple form and within mins match up free of cost, no-obligation moving company estimates from the reputable moving companies close to you that satisfy your moving needs.

Let’s look at why a moving company is NOT as expensive.


Time Saver

 Everything needs to be packed; this can take several days.

Everything has to be loaded into your car or your rented truck or trailer.

Drive it to your new address (possibly several trips) which is a nightmare itself especially if you are not used to driving a large vehicle or pulling a trailer.

Most moves span over several days with multiple trips.

Then there is the unloading and moving of your belongings into the new space. 

Most moves, no matter how local they are, take longer than a day or two, and in most cases, you will miss work either for the move itself or to recover.

Why take time off to move?  Save your time off for the fun stuff!

The amount of money you spend taking time off and buying ointments for your aching muscles could be applied to the cost of hiring a moving company.  It would save you in the long run – don’t waste your time off on dreaded tasks, the move is done much more quickly and with less pain and effort on your part!

Skilled Professional Movers

Moving is exhausting, laborious and complicated. It’s not just packing and moving boxes.  

It requires efficient organization, experience and being safe.

These are the necessary skills that professional movers have that you don’t.

Professional movers come in and efficiently do the following:

Pack your belongings carefully; lift and move boxes, heavy furniture and appliances; they safely drive your belongings through crowded, busy streets; they unload your belongings easily, smoothly and with minimal hassle.

The bottom line is professional movers are far more skilled than you.

Movers come with insurance and guarantees.  They provide peace of mind but when you do it yourself, there’s stress, there’s loss, and there’s possible injury! 

Overall, you may wind up paying more by doing it yourself than if you hired a professional.


Focusing on Other Urgent Priorities

Change takes a lot of focus and moving is a major change that can and will drain you mentally, as well as your energy and time.  Doing the move alone requires extra effort to keep focused, stay on schedule, and not neglect other important obligations that require your attention.


Hiring a moving company to do the work will allow you to focus on other responsibilities and people that are far more important to you. Moving for anyone can be emotional, let the moving company make it easier for you.

Our numbers speak for themselves

United Moving Professionals

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Moving can be stressful, but our nearby movers reduce the stress by providing you with a list of excellent services.

Moving cross country can be stressful, but with the help of best Moving companies, you’ll receive a smooth moving services. Contact  with United Moving Professionals Now.

Online Moving Quotes


Receiving an accurate and reliable estimate without the in-person, physical walk-thru used to be unreliable and usually catastrophic.  Thankfully, that is no longer true.  There is reliable data and easy to do options that even your local moving companies can utilize to provide you with the most reliable estimate. No mess, no fuss – easy to do. 

Benefits of Online Estimates


Save time

No more flipping through the yellow pages and calling dozens of local movers. No more repeating the same information over and over again, no more note taking until your fingers hurt.  

Instead, go online, copy and paste your information into their similar forms and sit back. Relax, have a soda or a cup of coffee while you wait. You can do this from the safety and comfort of your home, the local coffee shop or wherever. 

Don’t accept the first quote you are given, wait for at least three or four.  This will provide you with a more accurate assessment of what to expect and budget.

Don’t Wait to Budget

When the quotes start coming in, you will be motivated to start making your plans.  Your first step is building your budget.  Once you have an idea of costs, start socking the money away immediately. This way, you are not out the full amount at the last minute but rather you have planned. The upside too is if it costs less than you have set aside – you have a cushion for other things.  This in itself should give you enough energy and peace of mind as you manuever through this major life change. 

Supervising Costs

We all have those unique items that require special boxes or supplies.  The cost for these special items can be costly. Seeking out an estimate can help keep you on budget and from overpaying. While the estimate is never exact, it does provide you with a close figure as to the total cost.  

Don’t be Scammed

As with everything, one must be careful and avoid being fooled.  Seeking out multiple quotes lets you know the price ranges that are reasonable and which ones are too extreme (too low or too high). Don’t be fooled. Do your homework.


Different Types of Quotes

Each move is different; no two are alike and because of this, each move requires focusing on different details.  As a result, we offer you the choice of two different quotes using our unique cost calculator for moving:

 Precise Quote

 The name says it all.  This type of quote is highly accurate and utilizes a moving cost calculator.  Using this type of in-depth analysis, we examine closely the type of rooms and possessions you need moved. We walk you through the move, step by step.


Included in this quote is the ability to factor in individual family members who can choose the items they wish moved as well.  This provides you with a more accurate picture in your total cost. It is best to have one person begin the process and hire the moving company.  This plan of attack will help to get the move going for everyone.  

 Quick Quote

 The type of cost calculation asks for far fewer details. This type of quote is meant to only provide you with a best guess as to the cost of moving.  This estimate is roughly how much you can expect to pay before any contract or firm pricing is set.  


The following are a few questions you will be asked for the quick quote:

What is the number of rooms you are going to move?

What type of rooms are they (living room, basement, bedroom, etc.)?

Departing location including address and zip code

Destination location including address and zip code


Once you’ve submitted this information, you will be sent the number of available movers in your zip code that can handle your move, and who can move you within the designated price range you have requested. 

Using this method of moving is useful for those who are still making choices such as where and when they are moving. 


Although the Quick Quote is a favorite for most people as it is comprehensive and complete it can be ineffective if you still have unknown answers.  If things are still up in the air, try using our effective move cost calculator for a quick quote.  It is highly useful and excellent for planning.  In fact, few recognize the valuable tool it is.

Why Get a Quick Moving Quote and Why Use this Particular Cost Calculator?

Like everything else there are multiple cost calculators you can use online.  They will promise you a fairly accurate price, however, you need to be prepared for less than accurately estimated costs.  Our cost calculator is one of the most highly rated for establishing price ranges that one can find online. 


Our services do not start or end with establishing a range of prices only. Our quick quote offers a wider range of benefits than any other: 

Begin your move planning now. Don’t wait!

 Just because you have not locked in all your details, this does not mean you cannot start planning.  Rather this simply means you do not have the details such as moving in/moving out dates or even a new address yet.  Our Quick Quote is highly accurate enabling you to receive a clearer idea of the total costs you’ll be expected to pay once those details are finally secured.

In addition to our regular services, our cost calculator factors in the services you need plus allows flexibility of move dates and other unique services you may need in order to provide you with the most accurate costs in allowing you to create your budget and start the process of packing.


We Offer More Choices of Moving Companies

 There is nothing more frustrating than trying to narrow down your choices of moving companies.  Let us help you. Your needs are important to us and we strive to help you find exactly what you need.  Our network is comprised of companies that can move you anywhere locally, whether down the street, the next block, or the next town or two over.  There is no need for you to spend hours weeding through the companies – using our Quick Quote process does this for you.  Let your mouse do the work for you and then let us finish it. We will get you where you want to go. 


Super Easy, Time Saving So You Can Have Fun!

 Basically, local movers are a dime a dozen.  They range from large companies to mom-pop organizations to the shady guy down the street.  Ethical, solid and trustworthy is what you’re looking for but that can be time consuming, arduous and not very productive.  What if you could you could do a one-stop shop and let us find the right movers for you?  Why spend your valuable time looking at Better Business Bureau for complaints and reviews? Or checking out their questionable references?  Why not let our cost calculator and staff do the work and find the right movers for you?  Afterall, we only work with ethical, solid and trustworthy movers! 

Easy peasy!

No sweat, no commitment price comparisons

 Our cost calculator will give you a price within your range as well as including the movers who will bid for the privilege of moving you.  Utilizing our services enables you to get the best price, the most reliable movers and peace of mind. 

The most amazing piece of this? All final quotes from our services are binding, risk-free and won’t cost you a dime.  You can choose to either lock in the price and move forward or look for a lower price elsewhere after you’ve settled the missing details.  

 Start with Realistic Expectations 

 While attractive, low-ball estimates open a host of detrimental problems.  They are untrustworthy, and they usually increase their prices up to ten times their quote once they load your belongings into their truck.  If you don’t pay their new price, they hold your belongings hostage until you do pay. 

Take a moment to answer our brief list of questions and discover how our moving cost calculator finds the right movers for you by evaluating the business history of each local moving company to provide you with a true and precise quick estimate. 

We offer our skills and experience to provide you with the best price in moving. Our ability to collect numerous bids ensures that you will receive the best.  Our participation in your moving process ensures you are taken care of financially as well as being moved safely and completely on your terms.  


Estimating Moving Costs

Each moving company has different rates – TRUE.

Each moving company uses different criteria to provide your quote – TRUE

Some of these companies use different factors such as availability and quality of service – TRUE

These facts are all true, but there is still another set of rules that local companies use in determining their moving quotes.  

Simply put, it’s the more items you move, the distance you move that determines how high your moving quote will be estimated.

This too is true, but if one takes the time and effort to look a little closer, some interesting information can be discovered in the processes in determining moving quotes.

Local Moves


Local moves are determined by the moving company.  For some the rules determine whether the move is local or not.  Local is defined as being between 50 to 100 miles and being in the same state. Both rules determine whether it is a local move or not.  These rules for local moves also provide a set process to determine the cost.  Basically, for a local move it is based on the number of people needed to complete the move, the number of hours needed and the fixed hourly pay of each member of the moving crew. 


There can be other costs such as fuel and the time to return or get the moving vehicle to the destinations for and after the move. 


Long Distance Moving


Once you exceed the set number of miles specified as local, it becomes long distance. In some instances, just by moving from one side of a large city to the other side, you can easily move from being a local move to becoming a long distance move merely by exceeding the set mileage. For some, the rules will include weight, number of miles and sometimes the space or volume used in the truck 


Long distance moving involves transportation charges both at the origin of move and the destination.  There are also labor expenses which vary each step of the move.    


Whether moving locally or long distance, you should always get at the very minimum three quotes in order to determine the most accurate price.  As stated previously, some companies will low-ball bid and then their rates magically increase.  The gathering of three quotes provides you, the customer, with much needed information to determine the best fit for you during this move. 

Remember – our moving cost calculator can do the work for you.  


Remove the worrying and the unknown costs by utilizing our moving cost calculator.  

Get your quick quote immediately and spend the extra time doing something else. 



Average Cost

Determining the exact cost of your move is dependent upon what you’re moving and how far away your destination is.  The average estimates reported by the American Moving and Storage Association show:


$1,200 for local moves

$5,000 for long-distance moves


These costs are built on 2-3 rooms being moved with a final shipment weight of 7,500 pounds. 



Comparing Do-It-Yourself Moving Costs 


Of course, there are a variety of methods you can use to move without using a moving company.  The base costs, however, are still the same: number of items you are moving, mileage, length of time, and also volume.  The more items you have, the larger the moving vehicle, the higher the cost.


Renting a Moving Truck


This is the time-honored default method DIY of moving. Financially, it is usually the cheapest.  Physically, it is the most intense and draining method of moving.  

Moving trucks are easy. They are widely available, inexpensive, and easy enough to find. However, their pricing goes up with a variety of fees – such as availability of a pull-out ramp, a dolly, moving blankets, and more. Since it is also rented by the day, this does not give you a lot of time flexibility.  Sure, you can always keep the truck for an extra day or two but the cost skyrockets. It is up to you to decide if DIY and its hidden costs are worth your time in exchange for a lower financial commitment. For many, they discover much too late that the physical commitment is far greater than one initially expects.


Renting a moving truck for local moves is extremely inexpensive by far.  

$200-$600 for local moves

$1,050 to $2,650 for long distance moves 

Remember that the size of truck is always a factor that effects the overall cost whether it is local or long distance moving.